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About the Project

AAAP Communications has come up with a unique project to highlight the educational problems of visually impaired students raising awareness in masses and advocacy with the government to address these problems step by step.

The project involves on ground visits to special schools for visually impaired students understanding their issues and interacting with them sufficiently to get the real picture. On the basis of data gathered through visits and research carried out, we shall produce radio programs to be aired on national network where problems pertaining to VIP education shall be highlighted and experts will be invited to suggest ways to address them. Also, on the basis of this research we will develop a social media campaign to make this an issue of the masses. Finally there will be an advocacy session held in one of the districts to the government and other stakeholders on board to identify the way to address these problems.


AAWAZ, a five-year Voice and Accountability programme is funded by UKAid through DFID to strengthen civil society and to contribute to the development of a stable, tolerant, prosperous and democratic Pakistan, which can meet the basic needs of its people and contribute towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The planned outcome of the programme is that democratic processes in Pakistan are more open, inclusive and accountable to citizens by 2017.  AAWAZ is managed by DAI and is being implemented by five leading civil society organisations, namely, Aurat Foundation (AF), Strengthening Participatory Organization (SPO), South Asia Partnership-Pakistan (SAP-PK) and Sungi Development Foundation (SF).

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The Team

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Districts & Schools

Light House School for Blind Girls, Mansehra Road, Supply area, Abbottabad (Operating under NGO Light House Society for Blind Abbottabad- Chairperson Mr. Shahid Latif Janjua) (enrollment 25 blind girls)

Government Primary Institute for Blind (Boys), Mingora, Swat (enrollment 20 visually impaired students)

Government Institute for Blind, Mardan (Primary Level enrollment 25 visually impaired students)

Government Institute for Blind (boys), Nishtarbad, Peshawar (Primary Level enrollment 50 visually impaired students)


Visits to VIP schools

The first visit to VIP schools was conducted on Monday 25th July, 2016. The school selected was Light House school for blind girls, Abbottabad. This private school is a unique institution in many ways, being an all-girls school, and it provides boarding facility for girls from far flung areas, which is non-existent in any other VIP institution in KPK. The visiting team of AAAP communications comprised Ammar Masood, project head; IT Manager Imran Sikandar; Finance Manager Qandeel Sardar and the audio video production team of 1 producer, Maryam Haq and 2 camera men. The number of students enrolled is 25 and fortunately, all of them were available at that time. There were 4 teachers and some admin staff. 3 of the teachers were visually impaired but not trained in special education teaching. The interaction with students and survey gave us a good insight into the educational problems faced by these girls. We saw teachers teaching in classes. We listened to the students’ issues in detail, learned about their school activities and games, saw their syllabus and method of learning. We also gave each student and teacher the Talking Watch which is an absolute necessity for them.

On the 10th of August, AAAP communications team visited Government primary institute for blind boys. The school has 20- 25 enrolments and some ex-students were also invited to meet the surveying team. The building was in shambles, and had clear signs of sustaining damage in earth quakes etc. Classrooms were cramped and too small to accommodate children. There were computers but no instructor and hence, no use of them. The children were too old for their classes and standard of education was quite unsatisfactory. Surprisingly enough, the number of teachers were more than required. This school was actually over staffed, even though the students failed to satisfy us on educational front. Also the students were engaged in weaving cane chairs. Teachers were more in number than required but none of them was professionally trained to teach the visually impaired.

Hong Kong VIP School Visit

During the first week of September, the management of AAAP Communications arranged for a visit to The Hong Kong Society for the Blind ( HKSB has an extensive range of services for the visually impaired starting with Vision screening, Eye care, education and community support, adaptive equipment like braille and speech products and a lot more. They are continuously working for the improvement in the quality of life of the visually impaired. The purpose of this visit was to learn about the best practices and their methods of teaching and counseling the VIPs.

CEO AAAP communications Mr. Ammar Masood and Director Shanila Sikandar were given a detailed tour of the facility and working of the school. They were also interested in learning about the condition of the blind community in Pakistan but were visibly shocked and saddened learning about the dismal situation of the visually impaired schools in Pakistan

Advocacy Session at Pearl Continental Hotel, Peshawar

On 15th October, AAAP Communications organized an Advocacy session at Pearl Continental Hotel, Peshawar. Director General Social Welfare and Special Education Naeem Khan attended the session along with renowned columnist Tamgha e Imtiaz recipient Nasir Ali Syed, Visually impaired professor and PhD Scholar Gul Zamin Khan, First visually impaired social welfare officer in KPK Sana Iqbal and Yasir Saleem. Numerous members of media and development sector were also present.

Symposium in Islamabad Club

AAAP Communications in collaboration with Center for policy studies COMSATS celebrated White Cane Week with a Symposium held in Islamabad Club on 17th October 2016. Ambassador Fauzia Nasreen, Head of Center for Policy Studies, Ammar Masood, CEO AAAP Communications, renowned psychologist Dr. Mowaddat Rana, Visually impaired PhD scholar Gul Zamin, PTI MNA Ali Mohammad, Advisor to CM Baluchistan Mr. Jan Achakzai, TV Anchor Matiullah Jan and Samina Waqar were among the esteemed guests. The event was moderated by PTV anchorperson Tanzila Mazhar. Senior members of various NGOs and government institutions were also present at the event.

Radio Program Schedule

Program 8                                         October 26, 2016


Radio Programs