Deedawar Radio Program 15-08-16


3rd program of Deedawar was aired on 15th of August and invited technical expert Dr. Zahid Hussain Awan. Dr. Zahid has a 15 year experience working in preventive ophthalmology. His area of focus is community eye health and he has worked with various organizations across the country. His research papers on Diabetic retinopathy and Poverty & Blindness have been published in the most prestigious journals home and abroad. Our Champion Participant in the show was Essa Khan. Essa belongs to a family of 2 older brothers who are visually impaired like him. He has done his BSc and B Ed and works as a Radio Producer and Host in FM Swat. He has a big fan following and is a local star. The Show followed the theme of Medical reasons and discussed the medical aspect of blindness, preventive measures and treatments.