Hong Kong VIP School Visit


During the first week of September, the management of AAAP Communications arranged for a visit to The Hong Kong Society for the Blind (www.hksb.org.hk) HKSB has an extensive range of services for the visually impaired starting with Vision screening, Eye care, education and community support, adaptive equipment like braille and speech products and a lot more. They are continuously working for the improvement in the quality of life of the visually impaired. The purpose of this visit was to learn about the best practices and their methods of teaching and counseling the VIPs.

CEO AAAP communications Mr. Ammar Masood and Director Shanila Sikandar were given a detailed tour of the facility and working of the school. They were also interested in learning about the condition of the blind community in Pakistan but were visibly shocked and saddened learning about the dismal situation of the visually impaired schools in Pakistan